Is Nagarjuna The Strictest Bigg Boss Till Date?


Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 3 Telugu continues to garner good response from the small screen audience. Nagarjuna  is seen as the most popular host to have anchored this programme.

Bigg Boss contestants are being trolled by the audience for their misbehaviour with other housemates and talking about the personal matters of the other members.

The host Nagarjuna took this issue into his hands and reminded the contestants of the wrong things they are doing.

At first, he flagged Ali Reza for misbehaving with Himaja in the house. Nagarjuna said it is not right to touch a woman without her consent and told him that insulting a woman inside the Bigg Boss house was not on.

Coming to Vithika for her behaviour towards Ravi in a task, she attached more importance to saving money than caring for Ravi, who got injured in the glass-breaking incident.

Later, he asked Rahul Sipligunj for using curse words on Sreemukhi  and warned him about the expulsion from the house in case he repeats the mistake. He also called out Punarnavi for being selfish and Mahesh Vitta for provoking other contestants.

After watching this episode, audiences applauded Nagarjuna for reminding the contestants of their misbehaviour in the house.

Source By Sakshi


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