PM Modi’s Independence Day Address


NEW DELHI:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation on the 73rd Independence Day. PM Modi led the nation in celebrating the event at the Red Fort in Delhi today morning. He unfurled the National Flag and delivered the customary address to the nation from the Red Fort at 7:30 am.

  • My fellow Indians, greetings to you all on the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day. While the nation celebrates today, we must think of people facing immense difficulities due to floods. Rescue teams are working round-the-clock to ensure that they are safe
  • With the new government that has come to power, we have strengthened the government machinery to ensure that we as a nation go ahead at a very fast pace
  • We have taken some very significant decisions in the first 10 weeks itself to ensure that the nation sees unhindered growth. The removal of Article 370, Article 35-A and ban on Triple Talaq have been important steps. We have fulfilled the dream that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had for India
  • Our focus now is to build on 21st century India–the way it moves forward, how it functions and how it thinks. It is time to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of people.
  • The betterment of lives of our brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is our collective responsibility as fellow countrymen
  • The spirit of “One Nation, One Constitution” has become a reality and India is proud of that
  • Today, the entire world faces the threat of terrorism. We must deal with it collectively. India will certainly do its bit to fight terrorism
  • India must move and grow at a fast pace and that is possible only when every Indian prospers. It is our responsibility to hold the hands of the poor
  • Population explosion will create difficulties for future generations. Those who follow plan small families contribute to development of the nation. This is also a form of patriotism.
  • India does not want incremental progress, it needs a high jump. Our thought process has to be expanded. We have to keep in mind global best practices and build good systems.

Source By NDTV


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