Drama over death in Kolkata: BJP worker dies, family accuse police of stealing body


The West Bengal unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is staging protests against the Mamata Banerjee government in Kolkata over the death of a BJP worker. It is alleged that the deceased BJP worker, Swarup Ghorai, was attacked by some people in Birbhum district of West Bengal. He was later shifted to NRS hospital in Kolkata, where he succumbed to injuries recently.

The BJP has alleged that when its workers wanted to take Swarup Ghoria’s body to the BJP headquarters and take out a procession with it, the police did not allow them to do so. BJP has claimed that the police told them procession with Ghoria’s body might disrupt law and order.

On the other hand, police had offered to take Ghoria’s body from NRS Hospital straight to his home in Birbhum.
However, his family members and the BJP refused to accept this.

What angered BJP was that last night police sent Ghoria’s body, along with police protection, to Birbhum.

His family has now questioned how the state police could send Ghoria’s body to Birbhum without their consent.

The family has now accused the police of “stealing” Ghoria’s body from the hospital because they never consented to it being taken away.

A formal complaint has also been registered against Kolkata Police and NRS Hospital by his family members.

As for the BJP, it is likely to move the Calcutta High Court soon.

Meanwhile, in Birbhum local officials handed over Ghoria’s body to his family members present there so that his funeral rites could be performed on Tuesday.

Source By Indiatoday


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