BiggBoss3: Ali’s Entry Saddened Couple Of Inmates?


Finally Bigg Boss announced that Ali Reza is being inducted into the house as a ‘wild card’ entry. There is no mentioning that he’s back to house or he is welcomed again but simply put that he is a new wild card entry. So what are the reactions like inside the house?

Siva Jyothy put herself into tears again, this time crying happily, with the arrival of Ali Reza. Earlier when this guy left the house, she wept continuously the whole night and by the day her eyes got swollen like balloons. Even Ali acknowledged the real love of Siva Jyothy towards him.

Secondly, we have Sreemukhi who is visibly animated and genuinely happy for the re-entry of Ali. If you could remember, when Ali got evicted, she shouted that she cannot believe that and asked Bigg Boss to announce that he’s just joking. She’s very happy with Ali’s arrival now.

And the surprise pick of the pack is Punarnavi who expressed super happiness over Ali’s comeback though she’s the one who has more tiffs with him. It looked like she wants to get close to Ali as he came from outside and any information he gives would be useful.

But both Varun Sandesh and Rahul Sipligunj are quite cool and sat in their places when they welcomed Ali. Seems like they are not really happy with his coming back as they know that he’s a strong contestant who could give them the right competition.


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