BiggBoss3: Punarnavi Provokes Rahul To The Core


Rather playing their own game, some contestants look forward to provoking others inside the house. Like how Deepthi used to pit all the housemates against Kaushal in last year’s Bigg Boss, it looks like Punarnavi took that mantle in the third season.

As Rahul Sipligunj and Varun Sandesh are at loggerheads after an argument broke out between them during bricks task (as part of Rich Mother task), Punarnavi took the chance to instigate people and this time she did it with her good friend Rahul only. She tried to say how Vithika’s bad behaviour and Varun’s arrogant avatar have come out to push Rahul into a soup. She commented that Sreemukhi is enjoying this scene before adding that a big group got disturbed by Varun’s acts.

Provoked by all these comments, Rahul stated that even if he has to speak with Varun Sandesh again, that will be only after discussing that earlier clash and sorting out the accusations made by Varun in reference to Himaja’s episode.

“In front of everyone, Varun addressed me ‘Punarnavi Bhupalam’ and told me to keep away from the discussion” says Punarnavi, to further annoy Rahul and make him put all his ammunition against Varun Sandesh.


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