Children of 5-11 Yrs Use 15% of Internet In India!


Today’s world has children among the most active internet users and in India, children are inevitably addicted to YouTube, online games, online chat rooms and social media. With many threats like cyberbullying, porn, scams, inappropriate content, it is a big concern to parents today on how to stop children using too much of internet.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India stated that more than 66 million children, aged between 5-11, are using 15% of internet active user base in India. When IAMAI released a report titled ‘India Internet 2019’ in March this year, it was reported that the country had 451 million internet users from India, only after China.

Out of 451 million, 385 million are of the age group 12 to 29 and now 66 million are of 5-11 years, who are using the internet from families’ devices. Talking about female internet users, Kerala, Delhi and Tamil Nadu stands first with high female users and it has a very small number overall, showing patriarchal trait intact in rural areas.

Among cities, Mumbai with 11.7 million and Delhi with 11.2 million users have topped the list. Also, urban areas have 72 % of users ie, 139 million and rural areas have 57% i.e, 109 million internet users. With the internet reaching every corner of the world, the statistics of children between 5-11 age group has come as a shocking percentage as not every child may look up to healthy information on the internet.


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