Hyderabad: Landslide Leaves Two Families Homeless


Rajrendranagar: Torrential rains shoved away two houses due to the landslide at a hillock area of Owaisi Hills here in Hyderabad on Thursday night.

According to reports, both the houses which were 40 feet above the ground level, fell on a hardware shop located down the hillock area in Shastripuram. Fortunately, no one was present both inside the house and shop at the time of the incident.

According to reports, no one was hurt in the incident but the landslide had left two families homeless as their houses were swept away. Significant damage was also caused to the shop including its front wall as the debris of collapsed houses fell on it from 40 feet height.

Shastripuram Corporator Mohammed Misbahuddin and the Village Revenue Officer (VRO) visited the spot and estimated the loss and damage caused by the landslide.

“Victims claiming the right over the damaged properties were asked to get their documents, along with Aadhaar cards, to start a process for compensation under natural calamity scheme. We will prepare a report accordingly to proceed with the case,” Sanjeev Kumar, Village Revenue Officer of Rajendranagar, said to the daily.

“We are looking into the matter. VRO was asked to visit the site and present a report about the extent of damage caused by the landslide. After receiving the report we will proceed accordingly,” V Ramlu, the MRO of Rajendranagar said to the daily.

Source By Sakshi


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