In Tribute To Mahatma Gandhi, Milind Deora Refers To U2’s ‘Ahimsa’ Quote


NEW DELHI: Congress leader Milind Deora today tweeted a video of members of the iconic Irish brand, U2, paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi, as the nation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Father of the Nation.
Mr Deora shared a 40-second video of U2 members Bono and The Edge acknowledging the contributions of the Mahatama Gandhi to the world during a conversation with NDTV’s Rohit Khilnani, earlier this month.

“Who better than Bono & The Edge, from the world’s greatest Rock & Roll movement, to pay homage to the Mahatma on his 150th birth anniversary,” Mr Deora captioned the video which he shared on his timeline this morning.

In the short video, U2 members Bono and The Edge are seen talking about how they were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s path of non-violence. “We were shaped and formed by Martin Luther King, Jr, who was a student of Mahatma Gandhi… So, we come as students to the source of inspiration that is ‘Ahimsa’, non-violence. Indians gave us this. It is the greatest gift to the world. You gave it to us. It’s more powerful than nuclear energy. It’s more powerful than the armies and the navies of the British empire,” Bono is heard speaking during the interview.

U2, the iconic band fronted by Bono, has announced that they will be playing India for the first time ever this December. Mumbai has been included on their The Joshua Tree tour of Asia-Pacific which starts in November.

Apart from their debut performance in India, U2 will also perform in Singapore, Seoul and Manila for the first time ever as part of The Joshua Tree tour.

Source By NDTV


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