Some still defecate in open in Capital


Marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the country free from open defecation.

However, there are still many in the national capital who have no access to personal or public toilets and are forced to defecate in the open.

Women defecate on the railway tracks or go to the adjoining jungles every morning. Schoolchildren are forced to defecate on the railway tracks, a reality check by an Aaj Tak team found.

Women face a tougher time. They wake up at 4 am and defecate either in the jungles or near the railway tracks.

Women residents of the township said they take their children or infants along with them. Many have faced harassment on several occasions, but are helpless, and return to the same routine on a daily basis.

A similar situation can be seen in Madras Colony, located near Nizamuddin. About 400 families, who live in the 40-year-old colony, are forced to defecate in open. Here too, women, men, children and the elderly defecate on the railway tracks in the morning.

Source By Indiatoday


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