Roja In Bathuku Jatka Bandi


Bathuku Jatka Bandi, with its direct and serious involvement with the lives of participants, has been a major success under non-fiction shows. The innovative concept became a common platform for estranged couples and family members to sort out their conflicts and in several such instances, helped them get back together.

This Saturday, the show will open its doors to orphanage kids and people from an old age home who are under the care of Dr. Goutham Kumar, founder of Serve Needy Organization. Dr. Goutham Kumar, has perceived MCA and worked as team leader under a software company. He left his highly paid job to follow his heart and started Serve Needy Organization.

This weekend episode is an eye opener for all the parents and children out there who left their kids and parents at orphanages and old age homes. The host of the show, actress Roja will discuss with kids and old age people, what made their family members discard them.

Source By Sakshi


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