Woman Screams On Seeing ‘Snake’. It Turns Out To Be…


Most people would yell in fear on seeing a snake. Fathima Dawood was no different. The South Africa resident says that she “screamed like a baby” on seeing a ‘snake’ in the parking lot of a supermarket. Only thing is, she didn’t wait to see what she was screaming at, and her story is now making Facebook users across the world laugh out loud.
“I apologize to the old lady in the parking lot at PnP when I screamed like a baby, thinking I had a snake coming after me,” wrote Ms Dawood on Facebook, sharing a picture of the ‘serpent’ that scared her.

“On the other hand if you lost your braided weave, it is in the far left aisle of the PnP parking lot,” she added, explaining what the ‘snake’ actually was – a piece of hair extension that someone had lost in the parking lot.

Her post has collected a number of amused as well as sympathetic comments.

“Looks like a snake to me too,” wrote one person. “I thought it was a snake when I looked at the picture,” said another, while a third said, “I had to laugh out loud at this.”

This isn’t the first time an inanimate object has been misidentified as a reptile. A few days ago, videos of a 65-foot ‘monster’ in a river in China created waves online. It turned out to be an industrial airbag.

Source By NDTV


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