Chhattisgarh: Students Wade Through River To Reach School, Rain Adds To Woes


BALRAMPUR (CHHATTISGARH): It is an everyday struggle for the students of a village in the district who are forced to cross a river on foot to reach to their schools. Primary and secondary school students of Madho Longra Basti in Jaarigim village of Shankargarh development block are facing this hardship, which has further intensified due to relentless rains.
Often the parents of these school students carry them on their shoulders to brave the streams of the overflowing river and drop them to schools.

Locals blame politicians for not fulfilling their promises and claim that they have to walk miles for the medical treatment as well, owing to the unavailability of appropriate facilities in the vicinity.

“Leaders only come here during the time of elections. They made fake promises and go away. They do not even look in this side after winning the polls,” said a local.

Vivek Sharma, a school teacher also narrated his ordeal and told ANI that the future of the children is at stake as they are not able to attend classes due to heavy rain and poor connectivity.

“Fewer children are taking admission in the school because of connectivity issues. We have informed the higher authorities about the same. They are yet to take any action on the same, he added.

Apart from Balrampur, several isolated places over Chhattisgarh have also been affected due to heavy downpour in the region from the past couple of days. The heavy rainfall has caused water-logging in many areas forcing residents to move out from the low lying areas.

Source By NDTV


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