Money In Exchange For Sexual Favours Gone Awry


Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Police have solved the murder case of S Suresh Kumar, a scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) at the Indian Space Research Organisation.

According to reports, police have arrested one man in connection with the murder. The accused has been identified as 39-year-old Srinivas, a lab technician from a diagnostic centre at Ameerpet.

According to the police, Srinivas and Suresh were in a physical relationship. As suresh was a financially well off he came up with a monetary arrangement with Srinivas. One day after they were done with their intercourse, Suresh was supposed to give Srinivas Rs 10,000. Suresh refused to give him the amount which lead to an alrtercation. This led to Srinivas stabbing Suresh in a fit of rage.

“After investigation, we discovered that a person named Srinivas was with the deceased in the last few days before his death. Many people suspected him,” Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said in a press conference.

“After investigating blood samples, his phone, and call record data, we arrested him. We have also recovered the murder weapon and ring of the deceased from him,” he added.

“In the investigation, we have uncovered an interesting fact, which also establishes the motive of the crime. Sexual favours were being traded in exchange for money between the deceased and accused. It was from that point that the a crime was planned. Recovery of a gold ring and cash from the accused established that he is the murderer in the case,” the police stated in the press conference.

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