Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Grand Finale, Written Update, October 6: Kamal Haasan Announces The Winner – Mugen Rao


The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil concluded on Sunday (October 6). Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the show lasted for 105 days and began with 16 contestants, of which only four made it to the finale. The grand finale episode was an eventful one, where all the evicted contestants, excluding the controversially evicted Saravanan and Madhumitha, came out to support their co-contestants Sandy Master, Losliya, Sherin and Mugen Rao. They were then asked by Kamal Haasan to pick their favourite final contestant, following which Kavin chose Losliya whereas others picked Mugen and Sandy. Kamal Haasan then surprised the final contestants by entering the Bigg Boss house and giving them special gifts.
The winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, Rythvika, who was invited as a special guest, went inside the house to meet the finalists and accompanied Sherin, the third runner-up, onto the stage. Sherin then shared her experience with the audience.

A special set of awards were given by Kamal Haasan to the contestants. Kavin was given the ‘Game Changer’ award while ‘Guts and Grit’ was awarded to Vanitha. ‘The Most Disciplined’ award was given to Cheran. Sherin was awarded ‘The Best Buddy in the House’ while Tharsan was declared as ‘The All-rounder’. Kamal Haasan surprised all, when he announced that he has signed Tharsan with his production house Raaj Kamal Films International.

Kamal Haasan’s actress daughter Shruti Haasan too made an appearance during the finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. She entered the Bigg Boss house as a guest and declared Losliya as the second runner-up. This made Sandy and Mugen as the last two contestants left. The duo later made their way to the stage.

Kamal Haasan then announced Mugen Rao as the winner of the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil. He received a winner’s cheque of Rs. 50 lakh and celebrated his winning moment with his family and co-contestants. Mugen thanked the public for supporting him throughout the season. Sandy was declared as the first runner-up.

Source By NDTV


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