Motorola Phone With Pop-Up Selfie Camera, Full-Screen Design Leaked in Live Images


Motorola is yet to launch a phone packing a pop-up selfie camera, despite the form factor becoming quite common these days. But it appears that the Lenovo-owned company is now looking to change that. A host of images purportedly depicting a yet-to-be-announced Motorola phone have surfaced online, depicting a phone with a pop-up selfie camera. The phone appears to have a full-screen design without any notch or a hole-punch display, and is also shown to flaunt a gradient finish on the rear panel. It is unclear the leaked phone will be a part of which Motorola smartphone series.

The leaked images, which come courtesy of the Motorola Latinoamerica Facebook page, show a phone sporting a pop-up selfie camera module with a single image sensor asymmetrically placed around the upper right corner. The phone appears to have a slightly elevated strip just behind the pop-up camera module that houses a dual rear camera setup and an LED flash to the left. Interestingly, the phone appears to have a halo-like illuminated ring around the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which might act as a notification light.

The Motorola phone in the leaked images is shown flaunting a dark blue gradient colour scheme with a glossy finish and Motorola branding at the bottom just below the rear camera module. Over at the front, the Motorola phone appears to have a full-screen display without any notch or a hole-punch. It must be noted here that the company is yet to launch a phone with a full-screen design so far.

The text on the bottom bezel says ‘Motorola Confidential Property Not For Sale”, indicating that the phone depicted in the leaked images is a prototype or an internal testing unit not meant for sale. The phone appears to be running stock Android and has a camera app interface that looks similar to the one we recently saw on the Motorola One Vision and the Motorola One Action. However, it is not clear if the phone will be launched under the Motorola G series or if it will be a new entrant in the Motorola One lineup.

Source By NDTV


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