Prakash Javadekar Lists Out Steps Taken To Curb Pollution In Delhi-NCR


Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday listed several steps taken by the Centre to curb air pollution in Delhi-NCR region.
The minister said the steps taken have substantially increased the “good air days” in the Delhi-NCR region.

The minister’s assertion comes at a time when Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has taken out huge advertisements to take credit for Delhi’s air quality.

Upto September 30 this year, out of 270 days so far, as many as 165 days have been declared as ‘good air’ days.

The minister declined to offer a comment on Supreme Court’s Aarey verdict.

Mr Javadekar said the policy on afforestation is that for every tree cut, five more are to be planted.

He said the policy has yielded results as India’s green cover increased by 15,000 sq kms.

Source By NDTV


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