TSRTC Strike Enters Day 4


Telangana: The RTC Strike had entered its fourth day on Tuesday. Till Monday Many protestors from TSRTC had raised rallies and slogans against the governments. Portesters were seen in almost all Depots of the city.

The governement has taken alternative measures to see that the public transport deficit due to the strike is been filled, but the situation and plight of the Public transport scene has been still the same. many people faced problems as they depended on the bus to rach their hometowns to celebrate the festival of Dsara. many opted for private transport to get to their hometiows that had proven costlier.

50% of the busses were still stranded in the Depots due to lack of drivers which in turn was due to the RTC Strike. Officials have sent out a statemnet stating that the RTC in the district has incurred a loss of Rs 90 lakh till monday.

Source By Sakshi


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