Boy Dangles By Head From Fourth Floor Window. Watch How He Was Rescued


Firefighters in China managed to rescue a four-year-old boy who got his head stuck in security bars and was left dangling four stories above the ground. Dramatic footage of the incident, shared widely on Chinese social media platforms, shows the boy hanging from a residential building by his head. The incident occurred in Linyi city, in eastern China’s Shandong province.
According to CNN, the boy climbed out to the window on Monday afternoon, where he slipped. His head got stuck between the metal railings, leaving him dangling four stories above the ground. His parents were not at home when the incident occurred, but his grandfather woke up on hearing his cries and called for help.

A video shared by CGTN on YouTube shows how firefighters worked to rescue the boy. The rescuers first tied a rope around his chest to prevent him from falling. Then, a hydraulic spreader was used to widen the metal bars and successfully pull up the boy. CNN reports that neighbours held a quilt under the boy in case he fell.

Watch the video below:

Bars on windows are common in residential buildings in China. Last year, a man scaled five stories of a building to save a child hanging from a window in Zhijiang County, South China. Before that, a neighbour risked his life to rescue a three-year-old girl dangling by her neck from a window in Xiaogan city.

Source By NDTV


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