Woman’s Affair With 2 Son-In-Laws Leads To 1 Suicide And 1 Murder


Guntur: There was once a man who married a woman. They had two daughters and were living a happy life. The two daughters came of age and got married one by one. In what seems to be a family intertwined affair, the woman started to have illicit relationships with both her daughters’ husbands. Now while she was having a merry time with her son–in laws, her husband came to know about the affair. He warned her against it several times, and also had several arguments over it. She paid no heed to his words and continued her debaucherous affair. Out of the fear of facing the embarrassment from the society her husband committed suicide.

Avula Srinivas, a relative to the deceased, was upset over the fact that a person in his family was cheated in the way he was. Srinivas took it upon himself to go and warn the woman and her two son-in-laws about stopping their acts now to save her daughters’ marriage and future. This did not go down well with the woman and she hatched a plan to murder Srinivas with the help of both the son-in-laws, and they went ahead and murdered him on August 9.

Avulla Sugunamma, the wife of Avula Srinivas went to the police and registered a case against the woman and her tow son-in-laws. The three were arrested. Later the relatives of the woman started to send death threats to her and her three children, while asking them to withdraw the case. Sugunamma has gone to the police to request for extra protection for her and her children. Investigations into the murder and the suicide are underway.

Source by Sakshi


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