UP Man Arrested For Brandishing Gun At Wedding Procession


NEW DELHI: A man was arrested on Wednesday after a video of him waving a gun at what appeared to be a wedding procession in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri near Delhi emerged on social media. The man – dressed in a blue jacket, white shirt and blue pants – is seen dancing and brandishing a gun in the video that has gone viral.
A journalist tweeted the video, tagging the Noida Police. “Greater Noida: A person is seen doing “tamanche pe disco”. It is being said that he is from Dadri/Greater Noida,” posted Shafaque Ibrahim on Twitter.

A senior police officer replied, saying the man seem in the video had been arrested.

“He has been arrested by SHO Dadri!” the police officer tweeted, tagging the Uttar Pradesh police chief and the state police among others.

Flashing weapons is considered a symbol of power in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of north India.

Months ago, am MLA from Uttarakhand had to resign after a video showing him waving guns at a private party was widely shared online.

The use of loudspeakers, as seen in the video, is also banned in the state. The man is seen surrounded by a group of 15 to 20 men, dancing in front of a vehicle installed with large loudspeakers.

The Allahabad High Court had in August put a complete ban on musical instruments that lead to noise pollution in the state.

Source By NDTV


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