Modi-Xi Jinping summit: PM Modi decided on Mamallapuram as destination


The decision to host Chinese President Xi Jinping for the second informal summit in the coastal city of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu was taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

Government sources told India Today TV that choosing Mamallapuram as the destination for the second informal summit was a well thought out one and that “PM Modi himself decided on Mamallapuram since he was familiar with the historical connection between Chennai and China”.

According to sources, India wanted to highlight the historical ties that exist between India and China.

At around 56 km from Chennai, this port city held significant importance in trade between India and China in ancient times.

Mamallapuram served as a gateway for import and export in the seventh century where links between the Pallava dynasty and the Chinese empire have been established.

While speculation was rife that the venue could be PM Modi’s constituency of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, sources told India Today TV, “Prime Minister Modi wanted to host President Xi at a new venue beyond Varanasi and Gujarat. Logistics, etc were then cross checked. When the Chinese were suggested the venue, they accepted it because of the historical linkages.”

Ahead of the summit, Chinese officials made many reconnaissance trips to Mamallapuram to check the security and logistics aspects of the city.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister and former Chinese envoy to India, Lup Zhaohui also took a keen interest in ensuring a green signal from Beijing to the site since he was a student of Chinese scholar Xu Fancheng and knew the importance and links of Mamallapuram to China.

Sources say the process for the second India-China informal summit started in June 2019. Ministry of External Affairs sent its first team to assess the city in June this year.

Source By Indiatoday


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