Rajnath Singh slams Opposition over Rafale shastra puja row, says acted as per my faith


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who arrived in the national capital from France on Thursday night, slammed the Opposition over ‘shastra puja’ row.

“People can say whatever they want. I did what I thought was right and will continue to do so. This is our faith, that there is a superpower and I have believed it since childhood,” Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on criticism over performing of shastra puja on Rafale.

Saying everyone has the right to pray, Rajnath Singh said he would not have objected if the ceremony had been performed as per beliefs of any other religion.

“People from all religions have the right to pray according to their beliefs. I would not have objected if someone else had done the same. I feel there must have been a difference of opinion over the issue in Congress as well, it would not have been everybody’s opinion,” Rajnath Singh said.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who was in France for the official handover of the first Rafale, said seven Rafale fighter jets will arrive in India by April or May next year.

“Seven Rafale jets will arrive in India by April or May. The aircraft is capable of reaching up to the speed of 1800 kmph. I flew in a Rafale jet at the speed of 1300 kmph. The credit for the successful acquisition of the jets goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Rajnath Singh said.

Rajnath Singh also said India does not intend to intimidate anyone by increasing its defence capabilities.

He said the France visit was a success and that he also held a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron for over 35 minutes.

“After induction of Rafale fighter aircraft, the combat capability of the Indian Air Force will increase. We don’t want to intimidate anyone by doing so. We will neither fear anyone nor will we intimidate,” the Defence Minister said.

He said some IAF officers were undergoing training in France to operate the aircraft.

Source By Indiatoday


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