Here’s How Much Balance You Need To Keep In Your SBI Savings Account To Avoid Penalty


State Bank of India (SBI) – the country’s largest bank – has prescribed certain average monthly balances (AMB) for those holding savings accounts at its four types of branches. For example, SBI customers holding regular savings accounts at its branches located in metros or semi-urban regions are required to maintain an average monthly balance of Rs. 3,000, according to the lender’s corporate website – Any shortfall in the required monthly average attracts a penalty charge the customer has to bear. The monthly balance requirement and the subsequent penalty charges for non-compliance are applicable to savings accounts, according to the SBI website.

Here’s the minimum average monthly balance (minimum balance) required at various SBI branches and the penalty charges in case of shortfall:

Minimum Balance Required In SBI Savings Bank Account

Branch typeRequired average monthly balance
Metro/UrbanRs. 3,000
Semi UrbanRs. 2,000
RuralRs. 1,000

Penalty Charges Applicable In SBI Metro And Urban Branches

ShortfallCharges for not meeting required AMB
Less than 50%Rs. 10 + GST
More than 50% up to 75%Rs. 12 + GST
More than 75%Rs. 15 + GST
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Penalty Charges In SBI Semi-Urban Branches

ShortfallCharges for not meeting required AMB
Less than 50%Rs. 7.5 + GST
More than 50% up to 75%Rs. 10 + GST
More than 75%Rs. 12 + GST

Penalty Charges In SBI Rural Branches

ShortfallCharges for not meeting required AMB
Less than 50%Rs. 5 + GST
More than 50% up to 75%Rs. 7.5 + GST
More than 75%Rs. 10 + GST

These balance restrictions do not apply to State Bank of India (SBI) salary accounts, basic savings accounts, small savings accounts and bank accounts opened under the government’s financial inclusion-focused Jan Dhan scheme, among others, according to the lender’s website.

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