SC, BC youth to be roped in for sand transportation


After launching the new sand policy, the State government is now contemplating roping in the Scheduled Castes Corporation and the Backward Classes Corporation with a view to providing livelihood to youth from these sections.

The government, sources say, plans to entrust the sand transportation task to the unemployed youth through these corporations.

According to information, the respective corporations will extend loans to the eligible candidates to purchase tractors / trucks. After three years, the beneficiaries will become owners of the vehicles that they have purchased through the corporations, the sources say.

The SC and BC corporations have many schemes for self-employment. The bank-linked loans are given to the beneficiaries for purchase of vehicles such as autorickshaws, trolleys, vans, and cars. Such schemes can be integrated with the sand policy and transportation.

The Krishna district administration is working out the modalities in association with these corporations. The scheme is likely to be launched in the district soon. “It is in the nascent stage. We are working on it,” says an official working on the proposal.

Clearance for reaches
The government has received environmental clearance (EC) for 99 reaches across the State. In East Godavari district alone, 25 sand reaches have been identified. The daily average demand has been pegged at between 10,000 and 12,000 tonnes. The demand is calculated on the basis of the proportionate purchase of cement in the State.

The State government has fixed the sand price at ₹375 per tonne to be sold at a stock point located near the sand reach of the respective district. This excludes transportation charges, which depend on the distance and the mode of transport.

The transportation charges will be ₹500 per tractor if the distance is less than 10 km.

The buyer will have to pay ₹4.90 per tonne per km if the distance is more than 10 km and vehicle other than tractor is used.

So, it will be a win-win situation for the beneficiaries of the new proposal and consumers, says an official.


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