Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner Prediction: Who Will Win The Bigg Boss Trophy?


The third season of popular reality television show Bigg Boss will see its grand finale in the first week of November. Contestants have easily spent more than two months in the house for while overcoming all the hurdles. We are pretty sure, contestants are ready for a grand finale. All of them excelled in their tasks but it’s time to see who played it best among all. Who do you think will go home with trophy?

Sreemukhi: She has a huge fan following and is the front runner to win Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. She has been criticised for her over-confidence with her fan base. It is a known fact that she used to be a top anchor for reality the show Pataas. She gave up the show to be part of Bigg Boss as she thought of it to be a big platform for her to explore her talent.

Baba Bhaskar: He looked helpless at first. Later, he placed himself well in the house. He formed an alliance with Sreemukhi and a few more. Show buffs are hailing him as he is the most sincere person in the show. Will he make it upto the finals? Time can only tell the answers.

Varun Sandesh: With Bigg Boss, he became household name in Telugu states. But, Varun is quite popular amongst the audiences due to his debut movie ‘Happy Days’ which was a huge money-spinner at the box office. There are high chances for Varun Sandesh to be a top finalists. Will he win trophy or not is remains to be seen.

Shiva Jyothi: Who knew she would come this far on Bigg Boss 3 Telugu? Everyone thought she would get evicted from the house in the first few weeks itself. Unfortunately, she has been in the house longer than expected and is thankful for that. She has been criticised for crying over silly things as well as for not participating in the tasks. Yet, when it came to performing the tasks, no one did it better than her. Will she take home the title?

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