Has India cut off water to Pakistan? Govt’s answers to RTI are vague


Addressing a campaign rally at Charkhi Dadri in Haryana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the farmers of Haryana that the river water which belongs to India but is flowing to Pakistan would soon get diverted to the fields of Haryana and Rajasthan for the benefit of agriculture in these states. He said, “For 70 years, the water which belongs to India and the farmers of Haryana flowed to Pakistan. Modi will stop this water [from flowing into Pakistan] and bring it to your houses.”

This is not the first time that the PM has vowed to stop water supply to Pakistan. He made a similar statement on May 8, 2019 in Kurukshetra during the Lok Sabha election. In 2016, he made similar comments twice. First on November 25 in Bathinda, Punjab and again on September 26 in New Delhi when he said, “Blood and water cannot flow simultaneously”. He was speaking after the attack on the Uri Army camp.

This is an old issue and has been repeated by him and his party leaders on several occasions. To find out whether and the government has actually done to stop water, India Today filed a Right To Information (RTI) petition with the Ministry of Jal Shakti – the office which would be in charge of river water and its stoppage or diversion if any.

Source By Indiatoday


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