Rajnath Singh accuses Congress of internationalising Kashmir issue


Launching an offensive against the Congress, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday accused it of internationalising the Kashmir issue and reiterated that it is an internal matter.

Addressing a poll rally ahead of assembly elections on October 21, the BJP leader brought up a meeting between Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn with representatives of the Congress in London and said they held discussions on alleged human rights violations in Kashmir.

“I want to ask Congress leaders where human rights violations are taking place. Human rights violations were taking place when terrorist activities were occurring (in Kashmir). Why did not you speak at that time?” he asked the Congress party.

“I want a reply from the Congress. Kashmir is our internal matter. Will there be a discussion on it in other countries… Will you be discussing Kashmir matter in other countries?” Singh asked.

The Defence minister said many people had lost their lives in terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir and slammed the Congress for not giving its attention to the issue at that time.

“Ajeebo garib halaat in logon ne paida kar diyen hain, pata nahin kya ho gya hai? Inki buddhi maari gaye hai (They have created a strange situation. What has happened to them? It seems they have lost their mind),” he said.

Source By Indiatoday


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