City’s Favourite ‘Paradise’ Fined Rs 1 Lakh After Customer Finds Hair In Food


Hyderabad: Acting upon a customer’s complaint of finding hair in biryani served in the city’s favourite ‘Paradise’, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) fined the food chain Rs 1 lakh. The corporation also served notice to another popular food joint ‘Cafe Bahar’ and fined Rs 1 lakh for its unhygienic standards.

After a customer found hair in the biryani at the Sarojini Devi branch; the first ever outlet of the restaurant chain, he complained to the management but it went into vain. The angry customer then complained to GHMC.

GHMC officers then inspected the hotels and found rotten vegetables in the kitchen. Officers also warned to seize the hotel if they fail to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene in the hotel within a week.

Bahar Cafe in Bairamalguda was fined for running the hotel without a trade license, unhygienic kitchen and also for no segregation of waste.

Source By Sakshi


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