Oreo Ice Cream



  • Oreo cookies 16 oz packet
  • Heavy whipping cream 2 cup
  • Whole milk 1 liter
  • Condensed milk 1 can 14 oz
  • Half and half cream 2 cups
  • Rock salt 1.8 kg
  • A bag of crushed ice

Cooking Directions

  1. Put oreo cookies in plastic bag and crush them set a side.
  2. Add crushed cookies, half and half cream, condensed milk, heavy whipping cream in container and mix.
  3. Add this mixture in ice cream container mix well to combine.
  4. Now add half quantity of whole milk into the line on ice cream container.
  5. Put the lid of ice cream maker and cover, now place it in the center of liquid container.
  6. Make a layer of rock salt around the container and cover this salt layer with ice layer, repeat layers of salt and ice till the machine covers well.
  7. Start the machine and let the ice cream set for about half an hour.
  8. When the machine stops cover machine with kitchen towel approx. ten minutes.
  9. Now take out chilled bowls and scoop out ice cream into bowls and serve immediately.


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