Watch: Armed Robber Refuses Cash From Elderly Woman, Kisses Her Forehead


An unusual act by a burglar in the middle of a robbery has gone viral online, leaving thousands at a loss for words. Surveillance footage from a pharmacy in Brazil shows the armed robber refusing money from an elderly woman and kissing her on the forehead to comfort her as his accomplice robs the store.
On Tuesday evening, two armed men entered the pharmacy in Amarante in northeast Brazil, according to Daily Mail. Business owner Samuel Almedia says they entered the establishment at around 5pm and announced the robbery. In the pharmacy at that time were an employee and the elderly woman, who lives near the establishment.

“They announced the theft, asked my employee to pass all the money,” said Mr Almeida to Brazilian news outlet G1.

The woman also offered her own cash to them, to which one of the robbers responded that she didn’t have to. He kissed her on the forehead and said, “No, ma’am, you can be quiet, I don’t want your money.”

The thieves later escaped the store with around $1,000 in cash and some goods.

Watch the incident unfold below:

The video of this unusual robbery has gone viral online, collecting thousands of views across different social media platforms and drawing mixed responses.

Military police searched the area after the robbery but no suspects have been arrested so far.

In March this year, a thief managed to gain the Internet’s sympathy when he returned the money he stole from his victim after checking her bank balance.

Source By NDTV


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