Drank Anything In ‘Eat Cup’ Yet? Hyd Based Firm Makes Edible Cups


Today, there is a growing demand of environment friendly products for serving and packaging food products and beverages. Knowing this, a Hyderabad based research company launched an eco-friendly, edible and biodegradable ‘Eat Cup’.

About ‘Eat Cup’:
Eat cup is made from natural grain products which is crunchy and delicious. It is beneficial for diet too as it is rich in fibre. One can eat the cup after completing the beverage. It also has a capability of holding all kinds of beverages upto 40 minutes.

The company also claims that these cups doesn’t change the taste of the content or beverage as no artificial lining or coating is used in their preparation.

The main aim and reason behind inventing eat cup is to reduce the usage plastics or any other thing which are harmful to the human body.

“They have planned to set up a manufacturing plant within next ten months to produce edible cups, touted as an environment-friendly alternative to both plastic and paper cups,” Genomelabs Bio Private Limited’s Executive Director, Suresh Raju said to a daily.

Ashok Kumar, Executive Director, of the company producing these cups said to the daily that, “Eat Cup is made from natural grain products and presents a viable alternative to both plastic and paper cups, and is a step forward in reducing their negative ecological impact and massive carbon footprint.”

Source By Sakshi


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