Poppy Seed Wheels



  • Poppy seeds 1 ounce (1 ounce = 2 tbsp)
  • Walnuts 1 ounce
  • Sugar 2 ounce
  • Plain flour 4 ½ ounce
  • Vanilla essence ¼ tsp
  • Honey 1 ½ ounce
  • Soft butter 3 ounce
  • Egg ½ (beaten)
  • Cinnamon powder a pinch

Cooking Directions

  1. Add 2 ounce butter and sugar in a bowl and beat well.
  2. Then add egg, plain flour and vanilla essence.
  3. Knead all mixture with hands, fold in plastic and keep in fridge.
  4. Chop walnuts finely and mix poppy seeds in it. Then add honey and cinnamon powder.
  5. Take out the composite of cookies from fridge, sprinkle plain flour on rolling pin.
  6. Then sprinkle walnuts and poppy seeds.
  7. Then roll it lengthwise and fold in foil. Keep in freezer and make it hard.
  8. Heat oven on 190 degree C and cut cookies mixture in ¼ inch thick pieces and place each piece in ½ inch distance.
  9. Bake cookies for 10 to 12 minutes until color becomes golden brown. (Remember don’t grease the tray)
  10. Let it cool now and keep in airtight container.
  11. Tasty and delicious cookies are ready to serve.


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