Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Vithika Sheru gets eliminated; blames Siva Jyothi for her eviction


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, host Nagarjuna explains the contestants the task of the day, according to which, each housemate introduces themselves in the form of a film song and perform to it. The rest of the contestants and Nagarjuna score their performances. Siva Jyothi is the winner of the task. Nagarjuna appreciates her transformation and ease in dance. The housemates then break the piggy pots given to them and the contestants with their name written on the coins is safe. Siva Jyothi gets saved first.

  • Varun and Vithika are blindfolded and they need to throw smiley balls at each other.
  • Rahul and Ali are blindfolded next and they punch each other with boxing gloves.
  • Siva Jyothi is blindfolded and puts a tail to the sketch on the board.
  • Baba Bhaskar is blindfolded and he guesses the person who pinches him from the back.
  • Sreemukhi is blindfolded next and she dances without touching the glasses of water placed around her.

Ali, Varun and Vithika play cards and Ali gets saved next.
Nagarjuna announces that Vithika is eliminated from the show. Varun and Vithika get emotional.
Vithika takes Varun aside and asks him not to fight with anyone. Sreemukhi assures to take care of Varun. Varun bids farewell to Varun with a heavy heart.
In the post eviction discussion, Vithika says he discovered a therapist in Varun. She adds that she has no regrets in her journey so far. Vithika bursts the balloon with Siva Jyothi’s picture on it and says Siva Jyothi’s decision resulted in her elimination this week.
Vithika tells Rahul that he was being fake with her and Varun from the past few weeks.
She asks Baba to take care of Varun. She asks Varun to be himself and says Sreemukhi is a live wire.
Vithika drops the ‘Bigg Bomb’ on Rahul according to which he needs to clean all the bathrooms.
Before Vithika takes leave, Rahul tells her that his love and respect for her isn’t fake just because he is away from her.


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