Happy Fridge to ensure that no one goes hungry on Diwali

(Image for Representation)
(Image for Representation)

In a bid to fight against hunger and poverty, Feeding India NGO has kickstarted an initiative and has come up with the idea of installing community refrigerators.

The refrigerator, meant to store food for the hungry and the needy, is called the ‘happy fridge’.

Shyama Singh, city leader of Feeding India said, “We are working towards the eradication of hunger. India is going down in the hunger index, and that is a cause of concern. Our main aim is to manage leftover food and give it to the poor.”

In these community refrigerators, people can store surplus food or can donate food to the needy.

Shyama has appealed to people to donate at least two pieces of chappatis and a bowl of rice and dal, which will be enough to feed one person.

Rabindra Pradhan, a street vendor said, “I am keeping food every day in this fridge. I run a street food stall and I think no one should go to sleep empty stomach. I request the rich people to donate foods here.

Initially, Shyama had installed two refrigerators in Khandagiri Square. She now plans to install ten more refrigerators at different places.

Volunteers have been assigned to collect the food and check the hygiene of the food stored in the community fridge.

Source By Indiatoday


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