Inflow to Krishna River Increased Due to Heavy Rains In Andhra Pradesh


With the heavy rains in the Western Ghats for the past few days, there is a massive flow to Krishna. On the other hand, the Almatti and Narayanpur projects already full and the water is left into the the top are once again full. The flood in the Bheema in Ujjain continues to flow due to which over 65,000 cusecs are being released to Krishna river. While 3.65 lakh cusecs released into Jurala river from Krishna and Bheema.

There are huge surplus water coming into the reservoir. With this, the head regulator of the Potireddipadu, at the top of the Srisailam project, has released water once again for the Handri-Neeva and Kalvakurthi. With more water remaining, the project has lifted ten gates, generating power in the right and left quadrants, leaving 4.35 lakh cusecs. It releases 4.47 lakh cusecs into Nagarjunasagar and and the remaining 4.34 lakh cusecs not sea. Currently, 3.55 lakh cusecs are coming into the inflow Puliichintala project. On the other hand, the flood coming into Prakasam Barrage is increasing. Delta drains were released into the barrage with 2.10 lakh cusecs while the 1.88 lakh cusec were released to sea by lifting 70 gates.

Source By Thehansindia


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