Bengali bhadralok decry custodial torture of Congress leader Sanmoy Bandopadhyay by TMC govt


Describing the custodial torture of journalist-turned Congress spokesman Sanmoy Bandopadhyay as “illegal, inhuman and cowardly”, a section of West Bengal’s civil society has demanded punishment for the police personnel and the Trinamool Congress-backed “miscreants” responsible for the atrocities.

The civil society members, which include educationists, art and culture personalities, lawyers, former bureaucrats and doctors, lashed out at both the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre and the Mamata Banerjee-led state administration, holding them “equally responsible” for the repeated attacks on citizens’ fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

“Our state government has special ‘fame’ on this count. The intolerance exhibited by the Trinamool Congress regime towards freedom of speech and expression during its eight years in office cannot be ignored. The latest instance is the illegal, inhuman and cowardly custodial torture of political commentator Sanmoy Bandopadhyay after his arrest,” they said in a statement.

Iterating that the allegations against Bandopadhyay were not clear, the statement said: “It is being heard that he has made defamatory comments about the Chief Minister, her nephew and the Education Minister.

“If anybody is defamed following utterances of the opposition in a democracy, then the administration has the right to take the requisite and reasonable action.

“But these people neither served Bandopadhyay a legal notice nor filed a defamation petition in court. Other persons filed complaints in various police stations of Purulia district, and on that basis, he was arrested.

Source By India Today


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