Bigg Boss Is Not a Big Show, It’s Purely A Business Game: Jafar


HYDERABAD: The viewers of Bigg Boss 3 season know that TV5 Jafar Babu only stayed for two weeks in the show, but entertained along with Baba Bhaskar during his stay. But, after the exit from the show he came down heavily on the show in his own style. He supported Baba Bhaskar after his elimination from the contest. The netizens started lashing out at Jafar for his comments that he made on the Big Boss 3 during an interview recently.

He was asked by the interviewer on how the season 3 went off and what his experience in the show was. Jafar replied, “How the contestants played in the show, what are their experiences and how it went off…these questions are trash. Do you think that there is a need to discuss about this? How this show is going to benefit the society”-he asked. He said that the main reason for success of the show is curiosity and weakness of a person to know what is happening in his neighborhood.

Recalling the statement of organizers on how the season 3 was a hit more than Big Boss, which is being aired in seven states, Jafar said in the interview that “It is not a Big Show, it is purely a business game”. He further criticized that “Why Bigg Boss needs an Army”. He pointed out that games that were played in support of contestants were more dangerous than games played by housemates.

When asked why he participated in the show, Jafar replied “This type of game shows will benefit the organizers by getting more number of TRP ratings and it will also benefit contestants like him as the organizers give good remuneration every week. I participated in the show with selfishness as I get popularity, through which my debates will reach to more number of people.”

However, after this interview, Jafar was trolled by netizens for his comments and opinions on Big Boss 3 season. A netizen asked why he has interviewed Baba Bhaskar after his exit. The netizens lashed out at Jafar and asked why he was silent during the show and now making absurd comments. They also commented that it is not fair on the part of Jafar to describe the show as business game.

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