TDP to corner YSRCP with 21 issues in Assembly winter sessions


Ahead of assembly sessions to begin on December 9, the TDP party is prepping up hard to corner the ruling YSRCP party taking 21 issues relating to welfare schemes in the state. The TDP headed by Chandrababu Naidu will primarily focus on farmers debts and the Dwaakra loans for women

The decision was taken by the TDLP meeting held on Friday at the party’s new office in MAngalgiri. Onion prices hike, false cases on TDP leaders, Sand scarcity, recruitment of the Ward volunteers and other vital issues would be raised by TDP in the coming sessions. Naidu had directed key leaders to take on YSRCP with theses jobs

The party has decided to bring force on the speaker to take up the discussion on the onion price hike. Palakollu MLA Ramanayaku, MLC G. Srinivas, said that they would issue adjournment motion on the first day of meetings on the rise in the prices of essential commodities.

Source By Thehansindia


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