Healthy Tea Time Snacks That Can Fit Into Your Weight Loss Plan Perfectly


Weight loss requires consumption of restricted calories. You need to consume fewer calories and burn more for effective weight loss. The gap between the meals can be the time when you end up consuming unnecessary calories. You are more likely to reach unhealthy calorie-loaded snacks to beat hunger between the meals. To maintain a healthy weight you need to choose the right snacks for your tea time. Most snacks you choose with your cup of tea are loaded with oil and calories. To avoid consumption of unhealthy calories, here are some options to choose from.

Healthy weight loss snacks

1. Nuts

Nuts are loaded with several essential nutrients which can provide several health benefits. You can beat your hunger pangs with just a handful of nuts. Tale a variety of nuts and create a mixture. You can also add seeds and dried fruits to this mixture. But be careful about the quantity as nuts are loaded with calories. Choose the right portion size and enjoy the goodness of nuts to beat hunger. Nuts will also keep you full for longer and make you eat less.

2. Boiled eggs

Skip tea and prepare something healthy to add to your diet. A boiled egg is a perfect option to choose from. A hard-boiled egg is a great source of protein as well. It will keep you full for longer with minimum calories. A boiled egg can also be a part of your breakfast which will keep you full for longer.

3. Protein chat

Protein is widely consumed for weight loss. A high protein diet has gained huge popularity in the past years for weight loss. You can take various sources of protein like roasted chana or seeds. You can also find protein mix in the market which is tasty as well as healthy.

4. Paneer salad

Paneer can be a perfect part of your diet id consumed in moderation. It is rich in protein as well as other several nutrients. You can prepare a healthy salad with paneer and other vegetables.

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