Duck Plays Dead To Escape Dog. Video’s End Will Leave You In Stitches


A duck has left the Internet impressed with its quick-thinking and craftiness. Confused? This video will make things clearer. Over the weekend, Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda took to Twitter to share a hilarious video that shows a duck playing dead in front of a dog. In the short clip, the duck is seen lying on the ground, eyes closed, as a Labrador retriever towers over it. Displaying some serious presence of mind, the duck manages to lie absolutely still until the dog’s attention is diverted. Then, as soon as the dog bounces away, it gets up in the flash of an eye and runs as fast as its short legs can carry it – gifting netizens a hilarious clip that has left them in stitches. 

The hilarious video of the clever duck scurrying to safety resurfaced on the Internet after it was shared by Mr Nanda. It had earlier gone viral in 2019 with over 11 million views, when several netizens had hailed the duck’s acting chops as Oscar-worthy. 

“Acting is all about faking honestly,” wrote Mr Nanda while sharing the clip on the microblogging platform. “Duck acts as dead to escape the dog…”.

The video has collected over 9,000 views, along with a ton of amused comments. In the comments section, many praised the duck’s award-worthy performance. 

“That’s a really smart duck, so entertaining,” wrote one Twitter user. 

“Award winning performance,” said another, while a third added, “So cute.”

Source By NDTV


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