Adorable video of dog saving goldfish goes viral. Leaves Internet with a lot of questions


Dogs are the most adorable creatures and we have a video to prove that. A clip of a dog saving the lives of two goldfish is going viral on the internet.

The adorable video was shared on Twitter by the ex NBA player Rex Chapman with the caption, “I’ve now seen it all. Dogs, bruh.”

The 25-second video shows a golden retriever picking up a goldfish, lying on the floor, with its mouth and putting it back in the fish bowl. The dog then repeats the same process with the second fish, saving both their lives.

If you look carefully, you will see that the dog puts its mouth back into the water and we are guessing it was to check if the fish were doing fine. It looks at them carefully till the video ends.

The clip became a sensation within a few hours after it was posted. At the time of filing, the video had over 269k views and 2.8k likes.

Even though the video left the netizens saying aww, a lot of them questioned why the fish were on the floor in the first place? They also questioned why was the human making the video instead of helping the fish?

Source By Indiatoday


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