Don’t believe that forward about online processing of GST refund, it’s fake


A fake message attributed to the Central Government and addressed to taxpayers is being widely circulated online. It claims that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Central Government has started online processing of GST refund and in order to get the money, people need to click a link given in the message.

The official handle of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) took to Twitter to debunk the fake message and warn people against such fraudulent and fake claims.

“Taxpayers Beware!!!” CBIC tweeted. “Please do not click on any fake link which promises to give refund. These are phishing messages and are not sent by CBIC or @Infosys_GSTN,” they added.

The organisation further provided an authentic link where people can visit for online filings related to GST –

While many people thanked CBIC for addressing and debunking the false news, others demanded action against those peddling fake news.

“Crack that gang that is spreading this fake,” wrote a Twitter user. “Thanks for information. Besides, you may go through the source/link and punish them who are involved in this crime being closed this links,” expressed another.

Source By Hindustantimes


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